Valle Gold!

January 4th, 2013

These puffies are a dream come true!

Valle de Bravo, update

January 4th, 2013

I apologize for the total lack of blogness here on the Sky blog.

Today will be my 34 day of flying out of 35. this year has not been anything close to how good last year was but last year was off the chart with only one High Pressure day in two months. this year we have already had 8-9 days of wicked high pressure. but we have also had one day with slight drizzle and the rest of the days have had amazing clouds.

I have been blogging it up on Facebook for those of you who have friend’d me there.

Right now Casa de Cuervo is plum full! good times in Valle de Bravo!

Monarca starts in two days!

Don Bayliss memorial LSC day 4: task 3: 105 km dog leg.

August 9th, 2012

Prelim scores for task 3 are

1.Darius, 650 70 kms

2.Eric A, 630

3.Dustin P, 620

4.Terry B 620

5.Wyatt, 580

6.David Prentice 560

7.Brad C,560

8. Kike A, 400

9.Richard M, 200

10. Nathan B, 200

The Don Bayliss memorial LSC 2012

August 9th, 2012

As most of you know we suffered a great loss here at the LSC 2012.

Don Bayliss was caught in a gust front and suffered severe injury in a ground impact.

We launched a massive search and rescue effort but did not find Don until the following day @ 2:30

the pilots have decided to continue on flying in memory of Don.

WE have a FB page for our event and scores and pics are posted there.

We have had three tasks so far, two of which had to be stopped due to bad weather. Task two had two pilots in goal at 108 kms.

official scores after task two:

1.Eric Ams 1,720

2.Darius L 1,620

3.David Prentice 1,220

4.Kike Abed 1,005

5.Dustin P, 870

6. Brad C 870

7.Terry B 650

8.Nathan B 370

9.Richard M 550

10.Ivan B 300

11. Wyatt 150

4th of July, the day after!

July 11th, 2012

I was in Leakey, Tx and tried launch from mt Buz the day that Dustin and Jonny broke the HG record.

It was 30 mph on luanch and i thought way too much for safe foot launching a PG.

The evening of the 3rd while Dustin and Jonny were still flying Sam Kellner and myself loaded up and drove to Hebbronville. I was ready to launch the next morning by 9:30 but the clouds were so low and thick that i had to wait until 10:40 but the day was on with 15 to 20 mph gusting to 25.

I towed to 1,600 ft and had 600 fpm lift to near base at 2,500 ft agl. I found nice thermals on glide and was making good time 30 miles in three thermals, although i had to cross two blue holes early i was able to not get low. But as the day turned on the clouds gapped out more and i then got low twice making nice low saves but it made me think it might not really be a record as the cloud streets were just not there like i had on my previous 400 km flights. Around 2:15 i was at 118 miles but climbing in broken weak lift and at 2,500 ft decided to glide downwind is search of a stronger core but found nothing but string sink and soon was low going backwards over mesquite forest hell. landing in the last semi-open spot for at least a mile. I was lucky to escape with minor bleeding from the thorns and my glider unscathed.

So 121 miles in 3 hrs and 45 mins is my fastest time over that distance.

Gary Osoba called the next day to be even better so we drove back to Hebbronville got a few hrs of zzzz;s and was ready to go even earlier then the day before, but as the day turned on the sky blued out with not a cu for as far as the eye can see. So we headed back to Leakey and along the way the day turned on amazingly fast and good. but even Glen volk flying his HG could not go 300 miles. so certainly not a world record PG day.

There is no doubt in my mind that Nevil Hewitt’s 311 mile record is certainly breakable it’s just a matter of time. this year i was one day late. but every dog has his day! some get two.

Right now it’s been raining in Leakey 7 inches in a week, but this place was so drought stricken that those 7 inches will be absorbed quickly.

Weather looks to improve greatly over the weekend and areas south of here have not got near the rainfall that the hill country has recieved. So we will head back south as conditions improve.

Stay tuned.

If you want to get some of the Texas magic for yourself then Hearne is the place to be Aug 5th to 11th.

LoneStar championships R2G comp.

register at


New Records in 2012!

July 11th, 2012

It’s old news by now, but for those closet dwellers Dustin Martin and Jonny Durand both broke Manfred Rumors old 700 kms record flying 11 hrs and landing near Lubbock for a 475 mile flight. congrats boys.

Farmers 188 mile flight has been reviewed and there is no evidence that he grossly took advantage of a high altitudes. 18,182 and 17,500 are the two data points. If there was a 19,200 that might be different.

Matt Bechnoir is the new US foot launch record holder less then a year since Chris Galli and Bill Belcourt flew the 173 record which was over 6 yrs after my 162 mile flight here in Leakey.


My Buz: foot launch record chase 2012

July 2nd, 2012

I got four days off at home with my son and then i returned to Leakey so i could get back my foot launch record which i held for 6 yrs set from mt Buz in Leakey Tx. I flew 162 miles and then last fall Chris Galli and Bill Belcourt flew 173 miles from Jupiter in Utah and then as i was driving down to Leakey i got word the Farmer had set a new foot launch from Baldy in Sun Valley flying 190 miles. we have not seen a track log and there is a good chance that he broke airspace going above 17,999 is illegal and would make his record flight not record.

I think the 200 mile mark is very attainable here from Mt Buz and the next two days look like record potential.

Last two days we have had light rain here in Leakey but it’s been so dry for so long here that the rain will hardly effect the flying conditions and actually it will give god clouds over the course line i plan to fly.

I will be here for the next two weeks!

LoneStar R2G comp is coming up soon Aug 5th to 11th. in Hearne Texas where last year we flew the two longest tasks in PG world history! pilots can sign up now at

Stay tuned, going big soon!

David Prentice.

Texas 1,200 Race and Rally, update.

June 26th, 2012

Sorry for the lack of blog here but you can read more about the Texas 1,200 at the

Or on facebook as well.

Day 2 was a wash as Andrey towed up and had a rowdy ride with gust to 25 and rain predicted we re-set to Hebbronville.

Day 3: we flew (52 kms) shut down by rain near Laredo.

Day 4: mandatory foot launch day from 150 m Mt Buz in Leakey Tx, we flew (128 kms) landing near Sonora, Tx

Day 5: Epicness ensued (260 kms) from Sonora to Odessa in 6 hrs by far the best day of the week.

Day 6: (120 kms)(3.5 hrs) from Odessa to Lubbock in high pressure crap no clouds light winds.

Day 7: 65 kms from Abernathy to Dimmit.

One more day to go!

235 kms till goal in Texhoma!

David Prentice

Texas 1,200 Race and Rally, Day 1, day 2

June 21st, 2012

Day 1 we had great winds but the clouds were low and then it rained on us twice at Pot Isabel, we got forced to move on to our second launch spot and Andrey flew 100 km in 2 hrs. I was about to launch when a rain squall formed up wind of us and so i waited for the gust front to pass and as i prepped for launch another squall formed so we called it “live to fly another day” and chsed after Andrey.

We slept in La Gloria at a friendly locals place, the kind of hospitality that gives you faith in mankind.

We were ready to go this morning early but a high level of cirrus chased us and shut things down, so at 12:00 after Andrey went for a rowdy up and down flight the decision was taken to move west toward better clouds but when we arrived to our launch spot the winds were gusting over 25 and at 2:30 we chose to move on to Hebbronville and that is where we will make our stand for day 3.

Hebbronville has always been a great launch spot for world records but not always so easy to get access to the airport and this year we not only got access but we got the red carpet roll out. Thanks so much Jim Hogg county!!!

Time for sleep a big day tomorrow!

David Prentice.

Texas 1,200 t-42 hrs.

June 17th, 2012

We are in place in Harlingen Texas just waiting the arrival of the final pilots tomorrow afternoon.

Today we drove from Leakey down to Harlingen, the sky was filled with the classic cu’s but we did not have the classic strong winds. mostly around 5-10mph from the SE.

Forecast is looking good for the next several days with some increase in winds but all from the SE.

Our first tows will be at the airport in South Padre Island and we hope to fly up near to Harlingen on the first day, since we are starting next to the gulf and may have sled rides the first day may require two or three flights before we can actually stay aloft in thermals.

Temps right now are very reasonable, but things look very dry so drought conditions are still very much in play here.

Stay tuned for more details.

David Prentice.