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The Freed Penon!

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Season’s greetings from warm and sunny Valle de Bravo, the flying has been getting better by the day over the last two weeks. The first few of December saw unprecendented high pressure and total lack of clouds with heavy inversions that were nearly impossible to get on top of.

As many of you know last year here in Valle was a seriously nasty year with a wealthy local trying to take over the flying site from the local club. MAny pilots fought against this unwanted change and in the end the club regained control of the launch.  This year things have seemed to be back to normal and the government improvments on launch are awesome with full grass launch area, new improved set up area that will soon be concreted, and bathrooms soon to be working.

The rich local who hatched this bogus plan to take control of El Penon was dealt a heavy hand by Karma, not just on the pg forum where his karma is the worst ever seen in the history of the forum. but in real life as well.

Right now in Valle there are about 75 pilots flying and more arriving daily, the Monarca comp starts the fourth of Jan running for 6 days thru the 9th of Jan. this is the earliest dates the Monarca has ever been held and i think that flying conditions will be softer then usual and will make flying the usual tasks more difficult the before.

Yesterday we flew out to the butterflies and then back to Jovans we had cloudbase at 4,500 ft above launch around 12,000 ft msl.

There has been several accidents this last week with one mid air between a norwaygo and a German pilot, the norwaygo was turning the wrong direction and both pilots thru reserves and the norwaygo broke his ankle on impact. Three pilots had to get plucked out of trees and one amazing story of a pilot who landed in a tree and was being helped by a local who then fell out of the tree head first from about 40 ft and was very lucky as his leg snagged on one of the lines which stopped his fall just two feet from the ground, like a scene from the roadrunner, coyote cartoon. Needless to say the glider suffered serious damage, nearly tearing the glider completely in half. 

thanks for all your patience while we recreated the Skyblog, it has been a while and now for those dedicated followers let the adventures begin.

We are thinking about some tours in Oaxaca, Mexico in Feburary if anyone is interested send me a email.



Welcome back to the SkyBlog!

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Hey hey hey – the site admin has finally fixed the SkyBlog, so we’re back in full reporting mode! Thanks for all your patience, interest and support.