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No world record this year!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Given how slow my recovery has been going it is seriously doubtful that i will get much if any chance to chase after a world record.

I do hope to get back into the air via paraglider in about two weeks, basically as soon as my back feels up to it.

I have been spending alot of time with my son Sky, which has been great.

I also have been hanging out up on my land in T.P. got some solar equipment ordered and soon the place will be lit up, with regular light bulbs. I also put in a 20×10 garden plot with a raised bed, but i still need to import some good top soil.

I’ve been out fishing a bit, all lake fishing as my fly casting arm is just not ready for the streams.  I caught a 9 lbs walleye which was the biggest fish i ever landed. It’s great therapy for my arm, and alot more fun then pulling on a giant rubberband.

I’m heading to Oklahoma next week to check in on my farm/garden and visit some relatives with a fishing trip to lake Texhoma. After all this is the first time in 8 years that i have not been in Texas chasing the world record during this time of year.    

Hope you all are getting some great summer flying, send me the gloat on my email when you get a chance, i’m having to live thru your flights for now.


Back in the saddle, again!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Bill and I launched the two place Grob at 4:45 and after a 2,000 ft tow we pinned off 8,200 and slowly climbed to 10,000 ft where the thermal accelerated to 1,200 fpm surges and we topped out at 13,400.

We headed out upwind for the Manzanos but we got drilled, there were some lennies overhead, with raspy cu’s under that marking the rotor. So we dove back downwind toward the airport and proceded to scratch for 30 mins twice getting to with 500 ft of mandatory landing approach set-up 7,000 ft with agl of 6,000 ft.

Bill hung on like a champ and eventually it turned on and we slowly worked back to 11,000 ft when it turned on to 1,200 fpm and we topped out this time at 13,500 but drove upwind and gained another 2,000 ft. despite the lennies overhead we never got into obvious wave lift. Eventually we had to bring the ship home so the flight park owner could go home, landing at 6:45 p.m.

I must say it was very nice to fly for two hours in strong air, never even having a moment of concern for the turbulance and but by what i felt i could say that if you were in a PG, you would be having the Rodeo ride of a lifetime.

BIll did let me fly her on the way home, i even caught a thermal and climbed 600ft. i was wobblie for sure, with over tight left grip but i think i could get it fairly soon.

It is the safest way to expereince full on summer flying in New Mexico. all the time going 300 to 500 miles daily.

Rehab is going slow, still alot of pain but there is improvement. Daily simple functions are getting easier and overall range of motion has improved slightly. There is still a bit of swelling but at nearly back to normal.

It’s been great spending time in the outdoors, getting life in Tres Piedras situated and spending lots of time with Sky.

He’s really moving these days, got to watch him like a hawk.

Well i hope all you guys are gettng some good flights send me a gloat mail, i’ll fly vicariously through you all for now, just be safe i don’t need any more crashing.

I’m starting to work toward the new revolution back protection system design, the next generation of harness that will supply a new level of high impact, spinal protection system never seen before in the PG industry. It’s time!



Thursday, June 4th, 2009

I’ve started to work a daily routine of shoulder and wrist stretches and excersises and i’ve seen about a 20% gain in upward movement of my arm to full upwar extension, but certainly not pain free. My wrist is not as good with only a minor gain toward flexation and virtually no gain toward extension,  plus  My right grip is lacking an inch of closure to make a fist. 

I’ve been trying to spend some time outside enjoying nature, but the back pain limits the amount of mobility, so i’m limited to padded seat low risk activities like fishing, which is also good therapy for my right arm/hand.

The local skies have been starting to get that great NM big sky look, but there has been plenty of cu-nibms going off and actually some great rainfall that opened several forests after fire resrtiction  closures. But now the usual pattern is starting to set up for a drier June and those epic days are coming soon, and i’ll be forced to sit them out, which is hard to do.

I’m hoping to get out in a sailplane for a tandem flight or two. The local NM summer skies are really best enjoyed to thier fullest in a glass ship that gets a 35 to 1 glide at 100 knots which allows you to out run the normal NM cunimbs,gust fronts,virga, cover huge distances and have a serious strong airframe to withstand the turbulance that swats us PG’s out of the sky and crushes HG’s from time to time here in New Mexico, which will at least fill my air fix for a while.

We are moving this weekend up to TP, so i’ll be rehabing in paradise by this time next week.

more soon,