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2009 Fall schedule update.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I’ve got several things cooking up for fall flying adventure.

Next weekend i’m hosting a SIV session at Elephant Butte lake Oct 2,3,4 i have a few spots still available

 Tapalpa starting Oct 18th. thru Nov 1st.  you can see pics of Tapalpa flying from my web-site.

2nd annual Florida Ridge team challenge: Nov 9th thru 14th.

Fall Florida SIV session Nov 6,7,8

WE’ll be heading to Valle in early Dec and be there thru late Jan.

If you want to book in for any of these adventures please send me a email: E a r t h c o g at y a h o o dot com or call me at 505-720-5436

Cleared for action!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Yesterday i had my two month check-up with the nuero-surgeon Dr. Taylor, first i had a CT scan done then an hour later i met with the Doc,  he said that everything inside my head looked totally normal and that i could return to usual activity, i had a few questions for him like why the right side of my head makes a different sound when i scratch it? compared to the left side, that’s when i found out that i now have three titanium plates with screws covering the nickel sized holes they drilled in my head to relieve the pressure.

I thanked the Dr. for doing what he does and saving my ass, as i had found out the survival rate for people who suffer sub-dural bleeds like what i had is not very high, the Doc said i was good to go so be safe and have a good life.

My plan is to go flying the next good flying weather day i get.


Better days

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Well things have only gotten better since my last posting, i’ve started to get back to some sort of normal life although i still am weak getting tired after only a small time of physical excertion.

My back continues to be my main source of pain and as i’m going on three weeks since i stopped taking the pain killers i can no longer lean on the drugs to take away my pain. But i just rest up when my back starts to hurt bad.

I want to again thank those who have continued to send some financial support thru the paypal account. Without this help i would be beyond broke. My recent emergency brain surgery is billed at $38,500.00 but i’ll go today and talk to the financial assistance dept and see if i can qualify for help thru the hospital.

Otherwise we have been trying to enjoy the end of summer up north at our yurt, Sky really loves being up there and playing in the outdoors.

I’m really looking forward to flying again and i hope that i will be able to fly again in the next few weeks, i will be hosting two SIV courses at Elephant Butte last weekend in September and the first weekend in Oct.

I’ll be updating my calender of tours soon, but my plan is to be in Taplapa for the last two weeks of Oct and the first one of Nov, if your interested call me for details (505) 720-5436

I’ll be heading for Valle in early Dec and stay there thru Jan. offering the usual tours if you want to come fly some of the most consistant air in the world let me know.

More soon,

David Prentice.