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Florida events moved to New Mexico.

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Well due to a lack of registered pilots the SIV ans X-C events have been moved to NEw Mexico.

I have two spots still open for the SIV this Fri,Sat,Sun Nov 6,7,8

If anyone is interested you need to call me at my 505-720-5436 number

We will be doing some southern mtn flying after that.

Mexico dates are moving up and i will be in Valle in early Dec.

I did get some sweet evening glassoff flying the last two days at La Bajada a 800′ ridge one hour from Alb, Rasa had her first flight there on Sat evening getting an hour in. Sky really enjoyed wathcing his mother soaring, i could tell he wanted to join her in the air.

With theHawks, Ducks and Geese migrating south to avoid the cold weather it makes me wonder why more of you all are’nt doing the same.

Hope all is well.