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Good ol days

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

After a full week hazy cirrus skies, with ultra light conditions and low cloud base finally we got clear skies overhead and the flying has turned on!

Yesterday was the first real good day we’ve seen, it started with a fairly low cloudbase which was quickily moving higher. It only took about 5 minutes to get to cloudbase right over launch and since we had a good group formed we just headed over the back to Pinitas where another nice cloud was forming.

Everyone was climbing out easily and then we headed for Sacamacate and there we climbed again, i was on my way to the lake but i dicided iot was time for a longer flight then just to town, so i left the lift and glided for a cloud that was forming over Quintinillas but as i arrived it started to disipate but i was able to find a scrap and slowly climb, then Dave T from Seattle glided under me 1,500 lower and he was able to find a small core as well and was climbing so i shifted toward him and found a boomer which took me to 10,300 ft msl and then i glided for San Ramon and there i found another core and got back near base, i glided into Los Saucos and found the convergence line so i turned back and glided along the edge of a lagre set of clouds. I could see a line of clouds forming toward Elefante so i headed north from San Ramon toward the clouds and was able to find two small cores which got me high enough to make a glide into town from the east side of town which i’ve only done once before in my hangglider. I could see that the valley winds had not set in as the lake was calm and the winds aloft were actually feeding the clouds on the NE side so we had a slight tailwind glide into town.

I arrived higher then those pilots whop came the usual route to town.

Many pilots made the run to Divisadero then back to town, i think the good days are just starting and we should get three or so days in a row.

We just got confirmation we will be in the same house as last year 6 bedrooms on three levels with a pool and L.Z. in the backyard.

If anyone is on the fence now is the time to step it up and book that ticket we still have plenty of room in mid Jan. so send me a email.

Happy holidays!


V De B

Friday, December 18th, 2009

We arrived here in Valle de Bravo three days ago and the flying has been good and getting better by the day.

There are about 30 pilots here now and more arriving daily. Seems like there are more and more landing fields thata want to charrge for landing. Not only the pinitas field but now also the field next to Jovan they are asking for $20 pesos per landing.

cloudbase has been low and so we have been doing some scud runs thru the clouds to make the easy glide into town. the lift has been fairly smooth but my flying skills have shown the rust  that accumulates after many months of not flying much at all.

Lucky for me Ondrej at Gradient sent me out a new Aspen 3 demo and i have been loving it, it’s fast,stable and has great handeling and the glide is 9+ i hoping to have a new Avax x-c 3 by the time of the comp at the end of Jan.

We have a new flying site that we are trying to develop here close to Valle it’s actually only 1 km further then the current Penon launch. I will be asking those of you who come to Valle regularly to pitch in some cash to help cover some costs of building the launch. This new site will give all of us pilots a new option for flying here in Valle and being able to spread the crowd out when there goets to be 100 pilots flying here daily.

More news soon,

David,Rasa,Sky in V de B.

Fall flying, 09

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

despite some cold days the weather overall here in New Mexico has been great, and the locals have been chasing it hard.

T-Day 09, several pilots headed up the Sandia tram for some morning flying and we were treated with 37 deg’s with light winds. Al,Shawn,Myself got a nice 30 minute flight in the smooth stuff.

Friday, we got a morning skunking atop Sandia but later we got rewarded with a 30 minute glassoff flight at La Bajada.

Saturday: a large group of tow heads were slingin up while the rest of us got skunked at La Bajada.

I’ll be at the lake again this weekend for one last SIV session before i head south for winter.

Other news worthy items are my Spring time gigs in Florida are already set and i got USHPA sanctioning for the ECPC (East Coast Paragliding Championships) May 2-8 at the Florida ridge near La Belle, FL. I will also host the 3rd annual Spring Fling Apr 25-30 which is geared toward newer pilots, alos at the Florida ridge flight park.

I will also be hosting four(4) SIV sessions in Sebring, FL. three in early April and one in mid May.

all these dates will be listed in the next USHPA mag.

I still have plenty of openings for Valle de Bravo tours, starting in mid December running thru late Jan.

anyone interested ahould call me (505)720-5436 or email me EARTH COG AT Y A H O O DOT com.

Hope you all had a good T-Day!