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Home again!

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The day after the comp was over i packed up my things and headed back north, it was a three day trek as i had to travel back thru Austin Texas to pick up my old boat that had been staying at Carolines place since fall of 08 when it broke down there during an SIV session.

It was mostly uneventuful trip although there was alot of rain and even some areas of heavy hail, about 5 hours north of Valle i went thru an area where the hail so coming down so hard that i could hardly see and there was about 4 inches of ice built up on the road. I had cloudy and rainy conditions all the way back to New Mexico where it too was dumping snow and rain.

So for now i’m just setteling back into the usual life here taking care of Sky while Rasa is working and waiting for the weather to improve. We are planning a three day weekend trip to Big dog canyon near Queen, New Mexico for the annual presidents day weekend fly-inn. If you have never been then you should watch the weather and if it looks at all good then head south for some nice flying on one of the longest ridges you’ve ever flown.

More soon,