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Flingin,Springin,fastly approaching!

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

That’s right folks, the time is near, so be clear, the fabulous, flatland flying, of Florida, is right around the corner.

Sorry for the long dry spell of Bloglessness, but i was digging out from 4 ft of snow.

As you may know there are several event dates coming up which are all listed in the USHPA mag except the real dates are all Fri,Sat,Sun not Sat,Sun,Mon.

We wil be flying mid week so come join in for some mid week x-c fun.

Then we have the Spring Fling the last week of April with only 13 spots still available.  Then the following week the ECPC which is sure to be a great week of x-c flying some epic miles under worldclass cloud streets.

If your planning to attend you need to email me or call 505-720-5436.

Get ready!