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Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Well it’s been a long while since i wrote a blog and it’s been nearly that long since i flew as well. Next to last summer this would be the least amount of flying i’ve had in years. although i did fly last Saturday in Oklahoma, it was a 100 mile day if i had the desire bad enough to endure a few hours of ass kicking therms.

This is the sly blog not the construction blog and since construction is all i’ve been doing there has not been much to blog about, unless you want to hear about the 100 plus bag of concrete i mixed and poured by hand, the 10 truck loads of rock i hauled, or the 100’s of feet of huge logs i cut and hauled by myslef.

My new sauna/bathhouse is coming along nicely, it won’t be finished completely by winter since Sept will be filled with hunting elk,deer,grouse,dove but the freezer will be full!

I am hosting two SIV sessions,one this weekend and one the first weekend of Oct, only one spot is open for the Oct clinic.

Then it will be off to Tapalpa for some tours and then to Valle in Dec for the usual gig and then in Feb we will be heading to Brasil for some tours.

If  you are interested let me know.

Hope you all are getting some good summer flying in.