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Indian summer= awesome fall flying!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

We are in the classic la nina weather pattern or at least that’s what the weather guessers like to call it.

The three motnh outlook says above average temps and below avg precip, and we have been seeing it. In the whole month of September we had two rain days and at elk camp it started out green from the monsoons but by the end was turning brown and getting really dry.

At this time last year most of the leaves were already on the ground but this year they are just barely turning yellow in most locals. We had record tying heat yesterday at 90 deg.

So after the fall hunts were over with a nice elk and a monster muley in the freezer it’s time to get back in the air and enjoy the unseasonable warm fall flying, three flights off the Sandia peak in the last week.  Yesterday it was strange, we had N.E. over the back flow but light and we had light winds up the face so we had a group of 5 pilots on launch by 4:30 ready to go but the cycles at launch were ultra light and we all had to wait for a bug fart and three of the 5 launches were a bit dicey, but we all managed to get off safely and then we were all rewarded with super smooth glassing air, Chuck W got a nice thermal off launch to 12,800 and we all were able to climb out to about 12,000 ft msl, got to get it will it’s good like that.

This weekend we will be a the Butte for the fall SIV session and then next weekend we have the Columbus day fly-in in Alamogordo and then poosibly another SIV Oct 15,16,17 if i get enough interest going.

Otherwise we are making some tenative plans for a late Oct early Nov trip to Tapalpa and then of course the usual winter trip to Valle in Dec thru theend of Jan.

So it’s getting that time to book in for your winter flying fun, Valle should be awesome this year given the la nina pattern.

Hope your all getting some great flying and enjoy the end of summer.