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Spring Update, 2011

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Well the snow is all goone from the lower elevations and the temps are warming up fast.

It’s almost time for me to head off to Florida and it’s going to be a very busy time.

I have three SIV sessions planned Apr 8,9,10 Apr 15,16,17 and May 13,14,15

Call or email me soon for spot reservations as only a few spots are still open.

505-720-5436  or earthcog at yahoo dot com.

I’ll be at Elephant Butte this next weekend for the Spring SIV clinic but it’s already full.

I will again host two competitions in Florida this spring the 5th annual Spring Fling Apr 24 thru 29th and the ECPC MAy 1st thru 7th. Registration is now open. for the Spring Fling send me a email to earthcog at yahoo dot com and for the ECPC click on the icon on my homepage. i already have the largest field of pilots with 19 pilots in the Spring Fling and 15 pilots in the ECPC.

Yesterday Carlos Curti cracked a 40 mile flight and given the current drought like conditions in Florida i expect epic flying conditions.  

As many of you know i had been fighting to keep my Lone Star nationals bid alive as some in the Comp Committee wee having second thoughts about the first ever tow event as a nationals and i’m so very happy to tell you that after a re-review from the CC and the full BOD of USHPA i was given unanimous approval and now it’s full steam ahead! Aug 14th to 20th with training dates Aug 7 th thru 13th in Hearne, Texas. And you can register by vlivking onthe Lone Star icon on my home page. hopew to see y’all there.



Home sweet home!

Friday, March 11th, 2011

It’s was a fabulous winter season south of the border! but all things must comne to an end and so i had to return home to New Mexico, i missed seeing my son Sky dearly.

I’ve been home for some time now and just did’nt have anything flying realated to blog about so i apologize for the bloglessness.

I do have great news to share after a few months of struggle over my Lone Star nationals in Texas, the Competition commitee unaimously re-approved my event as part of the national series. So it’s on!!!

Pilots can register by logging onto my web-site and clicking on the LoneStar icon.

There is a ECPC icon as well and pilots can register for the East Coast Paragliding Championships May 1st thru 7th.

Right now there are 17 pilots registered for the Spring Fling April 24 thru 29. and i have four SIV clinics that still have slots open, all dates are listed on my calendar and in the USHPA mag. 

This is going to be a epic year for towing in the USA, as there are four sanctioned race to goal comps in the USA and two of those four are my tow events.

I will also be going to Texas for a month to chase after the 300 mile mark.

Spring is here and the good summer flying is right around the corner, so ti’s time to tune up with a SIV and some X-C flying and Florida is about as good as it gets, so come on down!