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Spring Fling, Day 5,task 3

Friday, April 29th, 2011

I called the same goal as the two previous days a 3 km cyl at lake Jackson in Sebring. a 83 km task

the forecast was for south winds down low and S.W. winds at 6,000 ft then in the late afternoon the SW winds would increase so i encouraged pilots to get started earlier.

We opened the launch at 11:30 and the start at 12:00 the first pilots who went up all stuck and for an our every pilot got away and not a single pilot sank out, then for the next two hours no one stuck at all as the sky had bigger and bigger blue holes and the winds on the surface clocked around to the s.w..

It was however the best day of the comp with 4 pilots in or near goal Christoph,Hadley,DJ,Bill B

There was another group that went down near lake Placid and then a few pilots who dirted just outside the start cyl.

The tow operations are going very smooth with four rigs we are slingin one pilot after the other and there is no long wait between pilots going aloft.

More soon


DAy four, task three goal at Sebring again

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

we set the goal in Sebring again and then told pilots that they could fly for a new state record and retrieve would come get them but the 20 plus mph winds they predicted arrived by 10:30 and we called the task off and allowed pilots to free fly.

I launched first at 12:30 and had great lift on tow but dribbled for the whole flight up past the tri-angle of doom where i dirted by the mulch factory. several other pilots launched but no one got away.

Curt Warren launched his HG at 10:30 under a great sky and flew to Quest air 127 miles in 4 hours.

stay tuned


Day three, task two 83 kms

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

We called a further goal as the winds were looking great for a run up to Sebring, so i called goal at the same L.Z. where we launch for the SIV courses allowing pilots to fly in high over lake Jackson.

We were having a great tow sessionas most pilots got up and away, several pilots went down in the triangle of doom but Hadley and Joel dirted smack iun the middle and had five mile hike outs but no gataors or swamp this year.

The majority of pilots made it up on 27 just south of Lake Placid but DJ Duerr who woin the first task madeit to goal as he launched mid pack and chose the right line around Lake Placid to the east and then to goal, well i say goal but he actually flew within 50 ft of goal but never actually made it into the cyl but he flew past the cyl.

I launched at 2:30 and had a screamer run up 27 to Lake Placid and i was running ariborne retrieve and assitance and i thought i had flown further then any pilots as i called on the radio so i spiraled down north of Lake Placid then later i heard DJ was in Sebring which i could have made.

I saw lift of 1,600 fpm a few times and it was a trashy day with several big whacks.

DJ has a commanding lead


Spring Fling day two, p.m. report

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Today was a great change from yesterday, despite some predawn cu-nimbs our skies stayed blue till 10:30 and then formed great cu’s. Some pilots went for a morning flight and by 11:00 they were climbing out nicely, we still needed to brief for the task so everyone landed and we set the task. I made it easy for everyone and left it the same as day one. I opened the launch at 12:00 and the start was opened at 12:30 4 km out.

The first few tows no one stuck but the first tow i gave was to Lee Boone and he immediately climbed out, then next four guys i towed all stuck and we had three tow rigs running on one runway.

Goal was at the junction of hwy 31 north and co rd 74 about 22 miles s.e of Arcadia 30 miles from the tow paddock, we had three pilots make goal and Lee boone who flew well past goal to somewhere were still trying to figure out, where it is.

The weather is looking great for the rest of the comp with the return of south winds.

Stay tuned.

Spring Fling 2011, day 1.

Monday, April 25th, 2011

We have 23 pilots registered and we called a 52 km task to Hwy 31n and co rd 74. we had a large cu-nim build upwind of the flight park and had rain falling by 10:30. we thought we would get a window to fly the task so we headed to the tow paddick but a dark line of clouds north of us was dropping some rain and i decided to cancel the task and allow freeflying to commence. a few pilots went up but no stuck as the winds increased from a lake effect the shifted over us from lake Okeechobee.

Today day 2 is looking better although there is forecast for O.D. but at this point it seems to be staying north of us. the rest of the week the chance of rain gets less each day and south winds return tomorrow which should give us the good conditions to go big.

More soon,


Good blue day!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Today there were very few cu’s in the sky which was a big change over the past two days, Les was first off at 12:00 getting towed to 1,000 where he had a nice core that climbed to 4,500 uinder the best clouds of the day. I ogot the next tow out and at 900 ft i hooked a 200 fpm thermal and slowly climbed to 3,000 ft where the thermal kicked up to 600 fpm and i topped out at 4,500 ft  agl i glided downwind and caght p to Les as he circled in light lift, i encouraged him to glide downwind for stronger lift and it paid off and soon we were back high. big sink on glide forced us to search again and we hit some nice lift 600 fpm lift that topped out at 5,000 ft and then we had to make a long glide over no mans land on our way toward Arcadia.

WE glided in over a burnt patch of trees and bushes and there we hooked another great thermal at 800 fpm which again got us higher and Les topped out at 6,000 i was leading out front finding good lift for Les and he was doing a great job of keeping up.  We stayed high for a while catching another two good cores at 4,000 and climbing back to over 5,000 ft then we made a glide and got low Les landed 30 miles out and as i came back to land near by i flew thru three thermals that showed over 1,000 fpm lift and i eventually had to core some sink to get down.

On the drive back we could see that cloudbase had risen to over 7,000 ft and several really nice cloud streets formed up and we could have flown just as far if we had launched two hours later.

Weather is looking really good for the next few days, east wind so we will be limited in distance by the coast but 70 to 80 miles are possible.

More soon,


Spring Fling, T-minus 4 days.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Pilots and tow rig operators have begun to arrive, today we will have a small crew going for some x-c flights.

The weather is looking great, with light wind,no rain and 400 to 800 fpm lift forecast over our local area.

We will have a Spring Fling gathering this Saturday evening, 6:00 here at the Florida ridge and then our first task briefing will be Sunday april 24th at 8:00 also here at the Florida ridge flight park.

Located on the south side of Hwy 80 between La Belle and Clewiston Florida call me if you have any further questions 505-720-5436.

Remember to bring your GPS and downloading cables. We will have tow bridles here available for purchase.


Florida, Oh so good!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Yesterday, i finally had my chance to get airborne after a long weekend slingin tows over lake Jackson for a SIV course, the clouds started to pop at 10:30 and by 11:00 it was lookling really good with cloudbase at 4,000 ft the winds were picking up with forecast of 10 to 20 mph on the surface for later in the day.

I towed up Scott but he found o lift, then it was Kevin c’s turn and he found a burble at 800 ft and cliombed out to 3,000 ft flying 20 miles and he never got over 3,000 ft. I towed Les B  up and he did’nt find anything.

Next i was up and i got a 1,060 ft tow from Scott, his first tow operation ever! i pinned off and drove upwind toward a forming cloud i found some lift at 700 ft and slowly climbed to 2,000 ft then i found a bit stronger area of lift and soon was at 4,500 cloudnase and on my way, i flew cloud to cloud up the west side of lake Okeechobee and never got low, i got to 4,700 ft and went on glide but two clouds downwind of me had grown quickly and they were both throwing alot of shade and so idecided to run north along a shadow line and try to find some lift but there was non to be had and i was not high enough to cross trhe shade so i went on glide to the dirt just north of the town of okkechobee for a 40 mile flight.

Later the winds shifted more westerly and Les got a high tow from Luis A 2,600 ft then he opineed offf and flew to South Bay.

Today the cold front passed at 3:00 a.m. and now we have northwest winds with no cu’s tomorrow looks much better with S.E flow setting up again.

Florida seems to be drier then last year and the temps seem to be warmer too, a good combo for flying some big x-c miles.

Hope to see you here,


Spring SIV Elephant Butte and Florida

Monday, April 4th, 2011

We kicked off the spring season at Elephant Butte this weekend with a great group of pilots from Colorado and Daniel from Taos. WE had a steller day on Friday with 24 tows and we even stopped two hours before sunset.

Saturday we cranked out 12 tows before the winds picked up and then Sunday morning was a 1 flight sessionas the winds aloft were already cranking in the mid 20’s. Overall it was great! there was no crowd at the Butte and eveyone got in 6 or 7 tows and they all got to do everything they wanted to.

Daniel, who is a newer pilot had never towed before and by the end he was flawlessly performing full stalls and spins.

Now it’s off to Florida for another Spring SIV sessions the next two weekends before we crank up the spring comp season in Florida.

Hope to see you all there!