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ECPC 2011,day 7,task 6.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Today is the last day of the 2011 ECPC, we will go for a bigger task since we lost day 5 and day 6 was so weak.

we called a 64 km task with a 4km start at the towpad then a 3km cy at la belle airport then down to Immoklee airport with a 3km cyl then up to HWY 82n with 2km cyl and goal at Immoklee airport with a 3km end of speed and a 2km goal cyl.

The day started out with great looking cu’s but the shade factor was slowing down the heating and the lift was very weak to start with low cloudbase at 2,500 as we arrived to the tow paddock we found a gathering of the Florida rocket club who had gained permission from the county and had a waiver fromt eh FAA with clearence to launch rockets up to 15,000 ft with a 1 mile cyl. After some discussions with the rocket club we gave them a radio for  comm with us and we prepared for our task. WE had a few pilots stick early Andy M and Terry B but after that no pilots stuck for about 2 hrs as we towed and towed nothing was working and we tried other launch directions as the winds shifted but still nothing.

I was towing pilots up and then decided that i needed to get airborne and i preped at 2:20 i got towed by Steve from SDI to 800 ft and did’nt find any lift till i was at 100 ft i hit a burble and started to work it and got up to 250 ft but it just was not strong enough, i landed and then had Louie a tow operator in training give his first tow without me in the vehicle. It was a good tow to 900 ft and i was able to find a burble back over the trees, D.J. and Chandler also towed up into some light lift and we all three climbed out. Once i got above 2,000 ft i was able to search for the stronger core and then it was no time till i was at base and on glide toward the start but we were fighting a slight crosswind and it was slow going i got down to 1,000 ft three times before i got to the first TP but each time i found good lift and climbed out to near base at 4,000 ft. there were some big blue holes to cross but once i got the first TP i headed south to the first cloud and after that it got much easier with base lifting and the day had fully turned on.

I could see Chandler in the distance about 1 thermal behind and following my line which seemed to be working as he would glide in way below me then thermal out. I was nearing the Immoklee TP and at base with a big blue hole to cross to get the TP i made the glide but got really low  800 ft but had made the TP, i heard Chris G on the ground he had landed short of the Immoklee TP i found a burble and started to thermal with some birds, i looked up and saw Chandler gliding from near base from the north and then i saw another glider which turned out to be D.J. i had climbed back up to 3,000 ft by the time they caught me and they were about 1,500 below me but had found my core, i made the glide for the final TP HWY82N but i forgot what the cyl radius was and turned for goal at 2.99 km not the 1.99 i should have, i made the goal run and was gliding to land when i remembered that it was 2km not 3km so i turned back and made another run for the final TP it was amazing the lift was so good i was able to fly straight there and straight back with only a few turns. I made it back thru the goal cyl but i was late as goal closed at 6:00 i was 150 meters short. So two mistakes this week on my GPS cost me the win. D.J. won the last day with 770 points and Chandler was 2nd i was third and Chris G fourth.

Overall results are posted on the url i have listed on a previous post about the ECPC

Top three

1.Chris G

2.Andy M

3.David P

4.Greg B

Chandler won the serial class flying his( mental 2)

ECPC, 2011 day 6, task 5. 80km out and return

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Today we called a out and return as the afternoon winds were predicted to be very light and maybe even switch to the NW. the start was 4km at the tow pad and then a 10k cyl at the Hendry county line with goal back at thew Florida ridge.

The sky started out very cloudy and the clouds broke nice cu’s started to form but there was just too much water on the ground from the 3 inch rain we got the night before, so everything was very slow to get going and the shade had 80% ground coverage.

I was ready to tow by 1:00 and i pinned off at 800 ft but quickly found myself back near the start down at 400 ft i was flying over the tree line west of the launch and i hit a burble and made a circle and slowly graveled my way back to 800 ft when i was able to connect with a better core i was just below Chris G and D.J. we topped out at base 3,700 ft agl we all headed out on glide i was behind and a bit higher.

Chris and D.J. took a line to the right of courseline and i saw a better patch of sun so i glided more NW as i got lower i hit another core and climbed again but this time it pooped out at 3,000 ft and after that i hit nothing but burbles and no solid lift to climb out in i landed just near the top of the triangle of doom. Chris and D.J. worked toegether and were able to get close to the TP, no one made goal.


ECPC, 2011 Cinco de Mayo, task five, cancelleddue to high winds

Friday, May 6th, 2011

we cancelled the day early as we already had four good days of racing and the day did’nt look good at all.

I had gone on a early morning wild pig hunt and i made a great stalk on a 175 lb wild boar and got lucky when he decided to make a right turna nd came right to me at 12 yds i made a clean single shot kill to the head and we spent the next several hours cleaning and prepping the pig for a feast.

So we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with fire roasted wild pig, tequila and mezcal.

Late in the day the HG comp cancelled their task as well so we knew we had made the right call.


ECPC,2011 day four,task four

Friday, May 6th, 2011

we had a prediction of N.E. winds and a 20% chance of t-storms to the west, we called a 76 km task with a 7km exit cyl at the towpad and then a 5 km TP cyl at La Belle then we headed south to Immoklee airport with a 3km cyl and then east to goal at HWY846nd The HG sport class had a similar task but no east leg at the end.

It was hard to get out of the the tow paddock asa the winds were light and variable i got a tow at 1:15 to 900ft where i hit a nice thermal and then i was on my way to base topping out at 4,400 before i headed out on course, i had sewveral HG’sa working lift near by and that helped me find better cores and soon i was high enough to make the first TP and then after that i was alone and had to glide downwind in shade to find a climb which was slow and did’nt top out at cloudbase and the next hour i fought to stay above 2,000 ft agl but eventually i got lucky and fopund a strong thermal and again i was at base i had a crosswind to fight to get into the 3km cyl in Immoklee but once i got there the lift was abvundant and i had a great start on the final leg into goal but the NE flow was bringing the Okeechobee lake effect in and the clouds disappeeared quickily and i had developed a wicked headache and decided to land as i just did’nt feel good enough to continue. I landed just 7.96 km from goal and i won the day as the other pilots struggled to get out of the tow pad and then were hit by the lake effect much earlier then me.

Several pilots did manage to make it to Immoklee. 776 points to the winner.


ECPC,2011 day three,task three 90 km

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

We set a 90 km task with one TP at hwy 31n at 3km then up to the NW to NWGOAL.

It was an amazing day as most pilots got up and away with just one tow and we had several gaggles that formed above the tow paddock. I got away with Andy M,Terry B, Jaro,Bill B was right behind us and Andy and myself got to base and headed out on course we had a good run of things till we got over tiger country and had to glide cross headwind to get to a nice cloud. Bill B caught up to us at that point and i knew we needed to get moving faster and after that it was long glide after long glide only slowing once to not get low and wait as Chris Galli brought up a  nice core and after that i was peddle to the metal all the way to goal.

We had many climbs over 1,000 fpm lift and we topped out at 7,000 late in the day it was truly one of the best days we have ever had in the ECPC.

We had four pilots in goal Greg B first, myself second, then Andy M and Chris G it was another 1,000 pt day.

There were other pilots along course line.

Check out the results below.

More soon,


ECPC, 2011 day one and two.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Day one we had strong east winds and we called a 74 km task with a 4km exit cyl at the tow pad and then a 3 km tp at Hwy 312 a 50 km downwind run then a cross wind leg to goal at hwy 31n north about 25 km.

It was a good day but the winds were strong and the lift broken so some pilots had a hard time to get away but eventually most pilots got away and there was a pile up just after the tp where the crosswind leg started.

Andy Mccrae got 1,000 pts for the win landing just 300 meters short of goal, then it was Chris Galli and D.J. short a few kms and then Greg Babush.

Day two started with great clouds but the winds were even stronger. We called a cross wind task to hwy 31n with a 7km exit cyl at the tow pad and then a 2 km end of speed at hwy 31n and goal 1 km from the same point.

We had a few flights go up but the winds were strong the lift broken and but the clouds were looking good, we opened the launch at 12:30 and the start at 1:00 David M went up and did find any lift but got blown backwards on landing in the orange grove and after we watched Chandler blow downwind the safety comm decided to hold launch for a while to see if things would calm down and after about 20 minutes of discussion and watching the conditions the safety comm decided to send me up for a test flight and so i launched into a nice lull and i had a great tow getting to 1,750 ft then i pinned off and they called on the radio toi say they liked what they saw and the launch cyl was re-opened i hooked into a nice thermal and soon i was at 3,300 ft i went down wind and soon i was bcak down below 1,000 ft and was struggling in the broken lift dribbling along at a fast pace as La Belle approached i hit some lift and climbed but the thermal broke up and i was on glide again from 1,500 ft and over the airport i found a better burble and climbed again. I could hear other pilots on tow so i knew others were flying. i had no good clouds on course line so i stuck to the clouds even though i knew it would force me into a crosswind final leg into goal. I made it quickly over the hwy 31 where we had the TP the day before then i had to fight crosswind and then some clouds started to form north toward goal and i was high so i started to fight the cross wind and it was going good till i got low just east of hwy 31 the next thermal was good at 660 fpm lift but drifted me out to the west of hwy 31 and then i had to fight harder and harder from then on and in the end i was .26 km short of the goal but i did make the end of speed section.

Chris Galli made it into goal about 1.5 hrs after i landed, so with two in goal and a few along the way.

It will be a valid day but not worth as much as day one. Greg is scoring it now.

More soon,