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2011 Fall schedule

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Greetings all: after the epic flying we had in Texas i had no deisre to fly for some time, it was primal nourishment time as well which was epic in it’s own right.

My fall flying schedule is like this Nov 4,5,6,7 tow clinic in Mo-town Arizona to certify surface tow pilots and tow tech operators.

Nov 11,12,13 SIV in Sebring, Florida only one spot is still open.

Then i have pilots talking about plans for either Iquique, Chile or Tapalpa, Mexico.

I will again be in Valle de Bravo starting in early Dec thru early Jan when we will head for Colombia.

If your interested in any of that just let me know earthcog (at) yahoo (dot) com