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Florida fall 2011:

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

I arrived yesterday afternoon and Florida is nice and sunny with temps in the 80’s it’s a far cry from my home land in Tres Piedras which has already had two snow dumps and the lows are in teh mid teen’s.

I have a group of 7 pilots booked for SIV here in Sebring which is one of the nicest SIV venue’s in the USA.

This is our first fall SIV in many years and will become a regular gig in the future.

Weather is looking good and we will use the sunset motel beach since the winds will be north most all weekend.

There is some chance we will organize one last fall SIV at Elephant Butte lake in New Mexico Nov 18,19,20 but right now we need three more piltos to lock that weekend in.

Pilots are starting to book up tours for the winter trips and Valle dates are filling so if you want to fly south with me this winter now is the time to confirm dates.

call me if you need.

David Prentice: 505-720-5436

Towpalousa 2011:

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Success! the winds were not as big of a factor as we had thoguth they would be and we scored epic towing!

I trained up 5 new tow tech and by the end all of them were operators different tow rigs with the greatest of ease and not a single incident all weekend. I think on saturday the three tow operators cranked out nearly 100 tows.

Of course i had to sample the tow abilities of each tow operator and lucky for me i had a nice thermal flight from each tow Friday i took a step tow with Steve from SDI and got an extra 300 ft higher and then hooked into a nice 400 fpm thermal and topped out at cloudbase 4,300 agl. Sat was looking good but then a large mass of clouds set in over the tow paddock and it was tough getting away but Dustin P,Chandler P, and myself were able to dive into sunshine and slowly climb out to 6,000 ft msl then wwe headed out for some Nov x-c we all landed in Maricopa after two hours.

Theis is going to turn into a annual event and next year it’s going to be burningman esk in nature with a mix of art,music,free flight,explosives,guns and ammo. it will be something to see and something not to miss out on.

Major Kuddos to the Arizona pilots who have formed a great group of pilots which is growing steadily.


Arizona tow extravaganza

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Heading out the door on my way to “MoTown” for the first annual Arizona tow extravaganza Nov 4,5,6

There is a facebook page for the event with details.

I will be giving tow tech training to several local pilots as they have a budding tow group.

Weather looks a bit breezy but we will fill those non-flying gaps with lots of classroom discussions.

Fri is mostly tow tech training and then Sat and Sun will be higher tows and some secret fun.

Then next week i head off to Florida for my fall SIV clinic in Sebring Fl. the clinic is full  but we will be doing some pre and post clinic flying both over land and water.

There is a push to host one more SIV clinic here in NM the third weekend in Nov 18,19,20 but we need at least three more pilots to make it worth the time.

If  your interested call me 505-720-5436

Also just to let everyone know Gradient has released the Aspen 4 which usues 35 meters less line then the 3 it is a true three line glider with only two lines per riser with sleek risers and the performance leap is huge with the normal Gradient stability and handeling. This wing is going to change the game especially with the open class glider ban that is in place.

David Prentice