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Texas 1,200 Race and Rally, update.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Sorry for the lack of blog here but you can read more about the Texas 1,200 at the

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Day 2 was a wash as Andrey towed up and had a rowdy ride with gust to 25 and rain predicted we re-set to Hebbronville.

Day 3: we flew (52 kms) shut down by rain near Laredo.

Day 4: mandatory foot launch day from 150 m Mt Buz in Leakey Tx, we flew (128 kms) landing near Sonora, Tx

Day 5: Epicness ensued (260 kms) from Sonora to Odessa in 6 hrs by far the best day of the week.

Day 6: (120 kms)(3.5 hrs) from Odessa to Lubbock in high pressure crap no clouds light winds.

Day 7: 65 kms from Abernathy to Dimmit.

One more day to go!

235 kms till goal in Texhoma!

David Prentice

Texas 1,200 Race and Rally, Day 1, day 2

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Day 1 we had great winds but the clouds were low and then it rained on us twice at Pot Isabel, we got forced to move on to our second launch spot and Andrey flew 100 km in 2 hrs. I was about to launch when a rain squall formed up wind of us and so i waited for the gust front to pass and as i prepped for launch another squall formed so we called it “live to fly another day” and chsed after Andrey.

We slept in La Gloria at a friendly locals place, the kind of hospitality that gives you faith in mankind.

We were ready to go this morning early but a high level of cirrus chased us and shut things down, so at 12:00 after Andrey went for a rowdy up and down flight the decision was taken to move west toward better clouds but when we arrived to our launch spot the winds were gusting over 25 and at 2:30 we chose to move on to Hebbronville and that is where we will make our stand for day 3.

Hebbronville has always been a great launch spot for world records but not always so easy to get access to the airport and this year we not only got access but we got the red carpet roll out. Thanks so much Jim Hogg county!!!

Time for sleep a big day tomorrow!

David Prentice.

Texas 1,200 t-42 hrs.

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

We are in place in Harlingen Texas just waiting the arrival of the final pilots tomorrow afternoon.

Today we drove from Leakey down to Harlingen, the sky was filled with the classic cu’s but we did not have the classic strong winds. mostly around 5-10mph from the SE.

Forecast is looking good for the next several days with some increase in winds but all from the SE.

Our first tows will be at the airport in South Padre Island and we hope to fly up near to Harlingen on the first day, since we are starting next to the gulf and may have sled rides the first day may require two or three flights before we can actually stay aloft in thermals.

Temps right now are very reasonable, but things look very dry so drought conditions are still very much in play here.

Stay tuned for more details.

David Prentice.

Mt Buzz, back in action!

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

After 4 yrs of no flying allowed at Mt Buzz due to liability issues we have just got permission to use the launch again.

We just did 3 hrs of work manicuring the launch, with Sam K, Tay and Caden W and myself it was quick work and now better then ever before, we also cleared the trail on the way down.

So Mt buzz is back in action and ready to rock for the Texas 1,200 which hopefully and mother nature willing will arrive here on the 22 or 23 of June on our way to goal in Texhoma. This will be our one mandatory footlaunch day of the competition.

We will start on the 19th of June in South Padre island and the longest flight each day will win and is where we will start the next days flight. we are hoping to finish the 1,286 kms in 6 days. and conditions at the start of the course are looking epic with 200 mile potential.

Mid course is looking a bit dry and i think we may have a hard go of it but if things improve we could cruise right on thru just the same.

I did make the first tandem flight off Mt Buzz and flew Taylor for a nice 20 min flight his first and i think we got another one hooked. He will be our retrieve coordinator for the next two weeks.

Stay tuned for more stories of epic Texas flying where it’s hot enough to cook an egg on a shaddy patch of sidewalk.