Texas 1,200 t-42 hrs.

We are in place in Harlingen Texas just waiting the arrival of the final pilots tomorrow afternoon.

Today we drove from Leakey down to Harlingen, the sky was filled with the classic cu’s but we did not have the classic strong winds. mostly around 5-10mph from the SE.

Forecast is looking good for the next several days with some increase in winds but all from the SE.

Our first tows will be at the airport in South Padre Island and we hope to fly up near to Harlingen on the first day, since we are starting next to the gulf and may have sled rides the first day may require two or three flights before we can actually stay aloft in thermals.

Temps right now are very reasonable, but things look very dry so drought conditions are still very much in play here.

Stay tuned for more details.

David Prentice.

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