Texas 1,200 Race and Rally, Day 1, day 2

Day 1 we had great winds but the clouds were low and then it rained on us twice at Pot Isabel, we got forced to move on to our second launch spot and Andrey flew 100 km in 2 hrs. I was about to launch when a rain squall formed up wind of us and so i waited for the gust front to pass and as i prepped for launch another squall formed so we called it “live to fly another day” and chsed after Andrey.

We slept in La Gloria at a friendly locals place, the kind of hospitality that gives you faith in mankind.

We were ready to go this morning early but a high level of cirrus chased us and shut things down, so at 12:00 after Andrey went for a rowdy up and down flight the decision was taken to move west toward better clouds but when we arrived to our launch spot the winds were gusting over 25 and at 2:30 we chose to move on to Hebbronville and that is where we will make our stand for day 3.

Hebbronville has always been a great launch spot for world records but not always so easy to get access to the airport and this year we not only got access but we got the red carpet roll out. Thanks so much Jim Hogg county!!!

Time for sleep a big day tomorrow!

David Prentice.

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