My Buz: foot launch record chase 2012

I got four days off at home with my son and then i returned to Leakey so i could get back my foot launch record which i held for 6 yrs set from mt Buz in Leakey Tx. I flew 162 miles and then last fall Chris Galli and Bill Belcourt flew 173 miles from Jupiter in Utah and then as i was driving down to Leakey i got word the Farmer had set a new foot launch from Baldy in Sun Valley flying 190 miles. we have not seen a track log and there is a good chance that he broke airspace going above 17,999 is illegal and would make his record flight not record.

I think the 200 mile mark is very attainable here from Mt Buz and the next two days look like record potential.

Last two days we have had light rain here in Leakey but it’s been so dry for so long here that the rain will hardly effect the flying conditions and actually it will give god clouds over the course line i plan to fly.

I will be here for the next two weeks!

LoneStar R2G comp is coming up soon Aug 5th to 11th. in Hearne Texas where last year we flew the two longest tasks in PG world history! pilots can sign up now at

Stay tuned, going big soon!

David Prentice.

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