4th of July, the day after!

I was in Leakey, Tx and tried launch from mt Buz the day that Dustin and Jonny broke the HG record.

It was 30 mph on luanch and i thought way too much for safe foot launching a PG.

The evening of the 3rd while Dustin and Jonny were still flying Sam Kellner and myself loaded up and drove to Hebbronville. I was ready to launch the next morning by 9:30 but the clouds were so low and thick that i had to wait until 10:40 but the day was on with 15 to 20 mph gusting to 25.

I towed to 1,600 ft and had 600 fpm lift to near base at 2,500 ft agl. I found nice thermals on glide and was making good time 30 miles in three thermals, although i had to cross two blue holes early i was able to not get low. But as the day turned on the clouds gapped out more and i then got low twice making nice low saves but it made me think it might not really be a record as the cloud streets were just not there like i had on my previous 400 km flights. Around 2:15 i was at 118 miles but climbing in broken weak lift and at 2,500 ft decided to glide downwind is search of a stronger core but found nothing but string sink and soon was low going backwards over mesquite forest hell. landing in the last semi-open spot for at least a mile. I was lucky to escape with minor bleeding from the thorns and my glider unscathed.

So 121 miles in 3 hrs and 45 mins is my fastest time over that distance.

Gary Osoba called the next day to be even better so we drove back to Hebbronville got a few hrs of zzzz;s and was ready to go even earlier then the day before, but as the day turned on the sky blued out with not a cu for as far as the eye can see. So we headed back to Leakey and along the way the day turned on amazingly fast and good. but even Glen volk flying his HG could not go 300 miles. so certainly not a world record PG day.

There is no doubt in my mind that Nevil Hewitt’s 311 mile record is certainly breakable it’s just a matter of time. this year i was one day late. but every dog has his day! some get two.

Right now it’s been raining in Leakey 7 inches in a week, but this place was so drought stricken that those 7 inches will be absorbed quickly.

Weather looks to improve greatly over the weekend and areas south of here have not got near the rainfall that the hill country has recieved. So we will head back south as conditions improve.

Stay tuned.

If you want to get some of the Texas magic for yourself then Hearne is the place to be Aug 5th to 11th.

LoneStar championships R2G comp.

register at www.usparaglidingcomps.com


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