The Don Bayliss memorial LSC 2012

As most of you know we suffered a great loss here at the LSC 2012.

Don Bayliss was caught in a gust front and suffered severe injury in a ground impact.

We launched a massive search and rescue effort but did not find Don until the following day @ 2:30

the pilots have decided to continue on flying in memory of Don.

WE have a FB page for our event and scores and pics are posted there.

We have had three tasks so far, two of which had to be stopped due to bad weather. Task two had two pilots in goal at 108 kms.

official scores after task two:

1.Eric Ams 1,720

2.Darius L 1,620

3.David Prentice 1,220

4.Kike Abed 1,005

5.Dustin P, 870

6. Brad C 870

7.Terry B 650

8.Nathan B 370

9.Richard M 550

10.Ivan B 300

11. Wyatt 150

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