Monarca,09 task five, 71 kms

Task five was set with a 3km entry start cyl around stater which is south of the espinosa at 1:00

TP1 was a stater and then TP2 was back at launch, TP3 was La Pila, TP4 was Aguila which sits on the ridge south of launch and then goal was in San Ramon

I finally had a great start as i was in front and higher then most pilots but on the way to the first TP many of the top big guys caught me easily. After TP1 we headed back to the espinosa and many pilots got flushed down low but my group was able to dribble in some lift but then we saw a glider climbing strong east of us so we dove into the lee side of espina and got trashed around as we climbed out, we glided for launch and over the Penon i got a boomer 8oo fpm avg and that allowed me a easy glide to launchand then back to Penon without needed lift. I hooked into a boomer again by Penon and then up to the wall. Most of the leaders took a direct line to La Pila over the valley but i my gaggle took a line that went over the south end of the three kings ridge where we tanked up and then glided into La Pila but as we got there the leaders hooked into a boomer and were heading out to Aguila. I pushed upwind and found strong lift which took us to 9,500 msl and then we were chasing the lead galle into Aguila. They were just plan faster and after Aguila they glided toward launch. My gaggle took the aguila TP as we were thermalling and then we took a line more toward the crazy thermal mesa as the leaders seemed to be struggling near launch. several of the pilots in our galle got really low and some landed near cerro pelon, but i was able to stay high and soon we were climbing out over the crazy thermal mesa and after that my gaggle split up and it was myself and one other glider climbing over the wall, most pilots were tanking up between the Penon and launch but i was high and decided to take the glide over theback to Capulin but i was all alone and when i got to Capulin i got drilled and was forced to fly west as i was below the top of Cap and was about to land when i found a dribbler 200 fpm lift that slowly got me high enough to glide for San Agustin and as i headed to Agustin i again got drilled and as i glided across Agustin i did’nt fihnd anything and then i was checking my glide to La Casa(Presidente) it was going to be close and anything major sink i might be in the trees. But i found a bouyant glide and was able to extend my glide past La Casa and over a small bump east of Casa i found another burble that a glider above me was booming out in, it slowly turned on for me and soon i was at 9,500 msl again and i had goal on final, it was not super high so had to manage the final glide wihtout using much speed bar but in the end it was bouyant and i had a few hundred feet to spare. i think i was in the top 20 to goal.

yesterday i was 12th overall with the task four finish of 8th. 

One more task to go!