Spring Flingin has begun!

I arrived a few days ago and already racked up several hours, had a great flight Thursday launched at 5:20 and went to 4,500 agl, had 800 fpm lift at 5:50, flew a few miles up wind and then had a hard time getting down, lift everywhere. Sea breeze came in which caused a restatution set-up.

Yesterday was a bit strong for the average pilot and so Luis A and myself got to give it a go. Launched at 1:45 and struggled for about 10 min, before hooking into a 800fpm core that took me at 4,500 agl, then it was cloud to cloud flying with base at over 5,000.  the lift was a bit sharp at the edges and blown apart down low as we had surface winds of 10 gust to 20mph. but up higher the lift was very smooth. I had one 30% whack on my SR8. no big deal. we were forced to land at the edge of Ft Meyers airspace near Hwy 75. for a 35 mile flight which took about 1:15.

Today Sunday the winds are much lighter, so maybe no flying for me, i’ll be slingin the others today.

Conditions are looking good for the week and we’ll be flying daily.