David Prentice
Age: 39
U.S. Footlaunch Record Holder - 162 Miles
Sponsors: Gradient Gliders

     Born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico David was an adventurer and competitor since the early days - at age 10 he was already experimenting with homemade parachutes, jumping from the roof of his house. A competitor since age 8 in track and field and cross country running, by age 14 David had begun to seek out more adrenaline-filled sports: bike racing,rock climbing, bungee jumping.

      It was during a spring break from Medic school in 1991 when David was introduced to Paragliding. It was a life changing experience and those first moments of free flying had him hooked. He spent the next ten years in total dedication to freeflying, both hanggliders and paragliders, across the U.S.,Canada,and Mexico.

     David received two years formal training as a medic and worked across New Mexico for 6 years, He also served his community as the youngest member of the Albuquerque mountain rescue team. David is also a master seamster and designer. He founded Earthcog industries in 1998, allowing him to dedicate even more time to the pursuit of his freeflying goals. He won his first major U.S. competition in May 2002, the So-Cal open.

      David started chasing records in 2000 with state records in Texas(65 mi.) and Florida(89.9 mi), still current. It was June 20th, 2002 when David set a new paragliding open distance world record in Zapata Texas (386 kms/240 mi) in just 8.5 hrs, the only serial class flight ever of such distance.

      An innovator: David developed his own D-bag system and packing technique for his paraglider in 2001, dropping from his friend Jonathan Wolfe's tie-dyed hot air balloon numerous times. He has also deployed from ultralight aircraft,tandem H.G. and P.G., and is currently the only pilot who offers d-bag training to qualified pilots.

      David served as the test pilot for the Bailey bi-plane aerotow project, which was successful in aerotowing a modern paraglider to over 3,000 meters/10,000 ft.

      David started to guide flying tours in 2001, sharing his freeflying experience and knowledge with others. David has been guiding tours and teaching clinics around the world ever since.

      David is a P4/H4 rated pilot and an advanced instructor in both Paragliding and Hanggliding. Currently David travels the globe competing and chasing records, guiding tours and teaching clinics in X-C, SIV, Towing and D-bag.