David Prentice has been chasing after world records since 1998, when he first flew from Zapata Texas to set Personal Best and State Records with flights of 150 and 175 miles. On June 20th, 2002, David flew a small Ozone Proton paraglider for 8.5 hours, landing north of Comstock Texas, 240 miles away, and setting a new World Distance Record. Alas, the next day, with 3 hours of sleep, David towed Will Gadd who flew 11.5 hours in a Boomerang II, landing 263 miles away, retaking the record.

While 2003 & 2004 did not have the world record weather Zapata is famous for, due to record rainfall, David still made numerous attempts. In 2005, on August 20th, he attempted a new declared goal record of 215 miles. Covering 192 miles in 7 hours, he landed in the middle of remote hill country, and a 7 hour hike out ensued. David continues his pursuit of paragliding world distance records undaunted.

2008 has seen a return of dry conditions to Texas, which could indicate a return to normal conditions next summer. Check the SkyBlog for updates and photos.