EarthCog grew out of David Prentice's search to find the best places to fly on the planet. He has been guiding flying tours all over the world since 2000, sharing his skills and making these sites available to pilots of all levels.

A successful tour starts with the proper preparations. We send out email updates to make sure you know what to expect, including what to wear, what to bring, and the current weather conditions. EarthCog takes care of all the logistics: transportation, accommodations, guiding.

Guiding: it's the major difference that separates Earthcog tours from the rest. From first-day students to seasoned veteran pilots, David's unparalleled dedication to free flight insures every pilot has a learning experience.

It's about the little things, like helping you get thru the dinner menu in a foreign language; and it's about the big things like 4,500 flying hours and 16 years of emergency medical/mountain rescue experience that's always there just in case. From helping you choose the perfect launch cycle, to flying side by side on your new personal best X-C flight, you'll be flying with the best.

David has "done his homework" learning the flying sites before you arrive so you can maximize you vacation time wherever you wish to fly.